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Favorite thing about CX roles?

My favorite thing about CX is being able to put a customer at ease and feel understood, because that is something that everyone needs.

Biggest learning in my career.

The biggest learning moment of my career was the moment it clicked that the customers, when confused or upset or in need of clarification, aren't mad at me - they're aiming that frustration at the concept I represent in that moment. This has helped me massively in being able to stretch that bit farther to close that gap and really connect with people as a whole, not just in CX!

Proudest moment of my career.

The proudest moment in my career has to be from when I worked as a game master at an escape room: My job was to maximize the entertainment groups got from the rooms themselves as well as satisfaction in the way they solved their puzzles. We had a small group come in for a birthday party, kids in late elementary, and normally we would pass the group paper clues if they were stuck. But those clues were a bit complex for that room they'd chosen, so I asked the parent chaperoning them if I could stand in the room with the parent and offer clues when asked. It wound up being one of the most fun groups I ever assisted and the kids were delighted every time they figured out one of my clues, and the parents were thrilled I stepped out to give that personal detail to their experience.

Ambitions for the future.

My intention for the future is to expand my repertoire of CX skills and really be able to provide the best experiences I can, and to be able to use those tools in building personal relationships better as well. Communication goes a long way in so many directions!

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