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Launching a product is only the start of the journey. Let’s work together to ensure you are supported by the right talent trained to keep your customers happy.

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Month-to-month contracts, no minimum, pay per contractor with all-inclusive rates

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Accessible pricing that rolls up into one invoice managed by one account manager

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Provide support in multiple languages and easily scale to 24/7 coverage
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You're in good company

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“The Flight team helped us not only gain 24/7 coverage at Sunlight, but also kick-started the build out of our customer success team. I am so grateful for their partnership for all my customer experience blindspots.”

Juan Lagrange

CEO, Sunlight Learning Technologies
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"I couldn't be more thrilled with the support we got through our Shark Tank launch and beyond. The way Flight serves our customers and the way they organized in lock step with us has been great! I really, really, genuinely appreciate it and am so grateful for this team!"

Sarah Apgar

Founder and CEO, FitFighter
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“Genesis, our hired Flight customer support rep, was a pleasure to work with from A to Z! She's brilliant, organized, personable, and overall a tremendous teammate. She’s the type of person that you want to be stuck in the trenches with!”

Stephan Leeds

Chief Development Officer, Radius Group
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"Our rep is great! She's contributed so many ideas for improvement and is doing an awesome job!"

James Zhang

CTO, The Bright App
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"The responses blow me away. The professionalism, the level of understanding and personalization, and the team embracing our spirit and enthusiasm. It’s amazing. I personally couldn’t have asked for a better group to work with."

Lisa VanDenburg

Senior Director of Customer Experience, FitFighter
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"I'm so impressed every day with the number of tickets my team can clear and their ability to surface ways we can do things better."

Aki Naito

COO, Helping Hands

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