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Favorite thing about CX roles?

My favorite thing about CX roles is the rapport you can establish with a person that probably you don’t know. The empathy that we can provide is what the world needs the most, so it feels good when you are helping out with someone’s doubts or issues, it feels comforting

Biggest learning in my career.

I belong to the communications world (speaking about education), so I think this is the main tool we use daily to express a feeling, a frustration, a situation we are handling, so along with my experiences, I could say it’s not what you say but how you do it and this is comes along with tolerance and acceptance for everybody’s thoughts

Proudest moment of my career.

The proudest moment of my career was when I decided to step out of my comfort zone to take a risk and do what I enjoy and am good at, so I am proud of myself for being brave and consistent to continue chasing my dreams

Ambitions for the future.

I would say that I have achieved most of my personal goals, or maybe that is what I thought, but now I feel that my greatest ambition as I have a traveling spirit, would be to work in those places that I would like to visit and be part of. That’s why I love FlightCX, because its people, its culture and the trust they have in us to do the best work no matter where you are or what your beliefs are, respect will be the main value in our work environment

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