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Favorite thing about CX roles?

Interacting with a new product that has a direct connection with our users. Specifically in the case of Sunlight which is a product that enriches knowledge and encourages users to better themselves. I have felt that while solving the issues of our users, I have bettered myself as well due to the need of having to fill multiple roles and learn new aspects of my position every single day/week/month.

Biggest learning in my career.

Learning to identify mistakes and tackle their solutions without assigning blame and doing so in a timely manner so as not to waste precious time, both for our users and for our team.

Proudest moment of my career.

So far, solving complicated issues that involved contacting multiple users and their administrators due to the way in which charges of cards are implemented. It feels incredible when you are able to finally crack the puzzle behind a reconciliation case that involves multiple charges in different currencies, for example, or when you are able to process the orders of users as the last minute before their budgets expire, which was the case on several occasions during July 2020.

Ambitions for the future.

I would be lying If I told anyone here any kind of expectation for the future, we do not know what our future entails due to current events. What I do know and what I would want for the future, is to keep working with my current team and helping everyone involved to make each other better on our current journey as grow the Flight team. I also know that through It all I want to be part of this process, because at least I am sure that we will succeed.

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