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Guiding people to grow into their fullest potential is my passion. When not leading my team, I enjoy exploring the worlds of make-up, fashion and dance.

Favorite thing about CX roles?

Make clients happy with the service we provide and when they show it or say it, it is even better.

Biggest learning in my career.

We all have different effective ways of doing one same thing: when you work in a team, it’s important to understand that everybody has different perspectives and ways to do a task. For example: when chatting with clients you're used to being a bit more formal while your teammate prefers to use more emojis and be a little more casual, and this is completely fine so as long as the company standards are maintained and the client is happy.

Proudest moment of my career.

A few moments come to mind :) 1) Being named Head of Customer Support at Sunlight Learning Technologies. 2) Being part of a team that is always there to support, help and make you learn everyday. 3) One day in 2019, when a random new client reached out via chat, I didn’t know who that guy was or from what company he belonged to. Nonetheless, I treated him like an everyday customer and answered all of his questions. It turned out that this person was one of the most important people of a very big company that was interested in Sunlight. After our conversation ended, he gave me the highest rating and left a note stating how much he’d liked my service!

Ambitions for the future.

Continue my path to growing as a leader in this field.

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