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I enjoy guiding others to break into this industry. Outside of work, I enjoy hiking the mountains around Quito and channeling my creativity into origami and pastry making.

Favorite thing about CX roles?

The learning experience (getting tech-savvy, how to give and receive feedback, how to handle difficult situations in the workplace), and the amazingly talented team I’ve had the pleasure to work with through all this time.

Biggest learning in my career.

To not follow a formula all the time. Many approaches require your creativity to thrive.

Proudest moment of my career.

Making the necessary changes in my life three years ago when I left my home country to adapt to new situations without losing myself during the process.

Ambitions for the future.

Continue to complement my learning experience as a CSR to become a manager in a not so distant future and a learning coach to new joiners in the industry to help bridge their gap between owning the fear to the unknown and the ability to continue forward.

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