Building Youth Employment Pathways with Radius Group

Case Studies

Standing up to the COVID-19 challenges presented to USA youth employment programs

The client

Radius Learning is a diverse team of learning designers, experience designers, and project managers that develop virtual vocational employment pathways for high school learners.

In 2020, due to COVID-19, they experienced a huge increase in demand for their services from youth employment programs from cities across the USA. As a result, the team needed to scale quickly and launch a new product to meet this demand.

Product Launch Day with the Mayor's Youth Employment Program in Charlotte, North Carolina

Their challenge

The biggest challenge was time. We didn't have the luxury of months to prepare. Instead, we had just a few weeks from initial hiring to launch.

Our process

In just 4 weeks, we built successful tech integrations, architected a usability testing plan, and set up a support desk ready to assist their users.

With time as a constraint, we were iterating on logistics and configuration, improving communication systems, and re-structuring our processes every few days to optimize program operations.

Usability testing

Flight designed a testing plan to identify possible points of improvement in the content and experience of the product.

Screen capture of the student's journey in Bridge by Instructure

Platform setup

We supported the process of defining component integration, logistics, and configuration for the student learning platform.

Integrating LinkedIn Learning into Bridge by Instructure

Support desk setup and management

Throughout the program, Flight CX assisted participants with technical and orientation questions through a support inbox.

Our tagging system for our central email inbox

Virtual experience facilitation and tech direction

Every week, Flight handled the logistical operation, technical planning, and even facilitation of virtual interactive experiences between employers and youth, instructional webinars, and a career fair for 300+ youth learners.

A view from a tech direction center

Results and impact

Radius Group and Flight are proud of the results and impact our teams had during this challenging year.

300+ high school aged youth gained access to employer pathways across 5 industries in North Carolina

29,100 hours of work-based learning completed in 2 months

41 professionals engaging with youth across 5 pathways

Genesis, our hired Flight customer support rep, was a pleasure to work with from A to Z! She's brilliant, organized, personable, and overall a tremendous teammate. She’s the type of person that you want to be stuck in the trench with!
- Stephan Leeds, Chief Development Officer, Radius Group

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